AR5 Users,

In this latest update to AR5, version, we've added a number of new controls to improve and complement our existing set of design-to-web features. The spotlight is on styles and layout today as we review what's new, what's improved, and how it all works. Let's take a look!

Easily control layout and styles for nav, logo, and more.

Four new modules are available to add as boilerplates: Nav, Logo, Search Bar, and Crumbtrail. As with all boilerplates, you can easily control width, breaks, and module styles for these new modules using the options panel. Because they're now just like any other modules, your persistent design elements are just as quick and easy to control as regular page content, making masthead and footer buildout a breeze.

Apply multiple styles to a module assignment.

Module styles are AR5's way of applying custom looks or functionality to modules on a per-assignment basis: backgrounds, borders, disclosures, and more. Until now, you could apply only one style per assignment, but with this release you're able to add as many as you need. Styles are assigned by opening a module's options panel. For more information about module styles, click here to visit the help site.

A new dimension to layout control.

The familiar width and break controls on options panels have been relabeled, and a new pair of controls has been added. The existing width and break controls are now labeled "Tile," and the new controls are labeled "Content."

The "Tile" width determines, as ever, how wide a module is relative to the column it's in. The new width option, in turn, determines how wide the content of the module is relative to the total width of the module (as determined by the "Tile" width setting). If the content width is set to less than "Full," you can align the content within the module: on the left, in the center, or to the right.

In the screenshots below, you can see the new options panel for a section, as well as an example of what the settings in the sample options panel would produce on the front end if applied to a section in the left column. In the example, the tile and content areas have been highlighted and labeled.

Options panel with content controls and multiple styles.

Section with content set to ¾ and centered.

Other Features

  • Boilerplate assignment rules have been reworked to make targeting the pages you want faster and easier. As a sample of what's new, you can now choose to assign the BP to a page and its subpages, and you can also exclude specific pages (useful when you want to assign to all pages except a couple).
  • As you toggle cards open and closed, the toggle all arrow on a tab now changes to match the toggle state of the majority of the cards in the tab.
  • In themes, the heading for each of the theme regions (e.g., "body," ".masthead-outer") now appears only when there's a card (e.g., "text," "background") assigned to the region.
  • Themes, Grids, and Stylesheets now appear in menus and indexes in gray (like unpublished pages) if they aren't assigned to your website.
  • In the AR5 primary nav, under the "content" menu, a new submenu labeled "journals" is now available that allows you quickly to access the journal pages on your website.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Embed Media button in the Section module's WYSIWYG editor from functioning properly in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused redirects on signup forms not to work.
  • Cleaned up edit links for various modules including several community modules.
  • Improved spacing between modules on front end in the case of wrapping modules without breaks (e.g., five modules set to ¼, no breaks) for more consistent presentation.

Please note that the new modules in this release require stylesheet updates before they can be used. If you're interested in transitioning your logo, navs, search, and crumbtrail to the new modules, please contact us and we'll help you make the transition. As ever, we thank you for choosing Agency of Record.

The AR Team

Release Notes

Release Notes

3/6/2015 12:00:00 AM EST
9 years ago

AR5 Users,

The latest update to AR5 is now here, bringing with it a number of improvements to our suite of tools for front-end design. Themes have been expanded to include more types of page content, and you can now create and define custom module styles that you can apply, on the fly, to modules on the page. Let's take a closer look.

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