Section Links & The Link Wizard

This article includes information on adding links to sections, as well as general information on the link wizard, which appears throughout the AR5 CMS.

The link wizard can be used to create links to any of the following:

  • pages within your site's page tree
  • articles assigned to your journal pages
  • files in your Library
  • email addresses
  • external URLs

Begin by selecting the type of link you wish to add. Additional fields may appear based on your selection. As you complete these fields, the wizard will automatically generate the appropriately formatted URL and display it in the URL field. Alternatively, you can type or paste a value into the URL field directly, in which case the wizard will attempt to detect the format of the URL that you enter and fill in the upper fields accordingly.

Please note that when linking to pages or articles, the URL field begins with “page:” followed by the ID of the desired page. This value is replaced with a functioning URL when the page is rendered on the front end. Storing links in this way allows you to change the friendly URL for any page at any time without breaking links that you may have already made to that page.

You can apply hyperlinks to headings, images, and portions of text using the link wizard. To open the link wizard for body text, highlight the text that you would like to make into a link, then click the link button in the text area's content controlsWhen your editing cursor is within an existing link, the link button will open the link wizard and you will be able to edit that link—you can also edit a link by double-clicking it. Next to the link button is the unlink button, which will strip any link from the text that your editing cursor is within. For headings and images, click the link button next to the appropriate field.

Release Notes

Release Notes

3/6/2015 12:00:00 AM EST
9 years ago

AR5 Users,

The latest update to AR5 is now here, bringing with it a number of improvements to our suite of tools for front-end design. Themes have been expanded to include more types of page content, and you can now create and define custom module styles that you can apply, on the fly, to modules on the page. Let's take a closer look.

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