Building a Form: Configuring Form Options

You can find form options under the "options" tab of a form's details view. Here is a list of the available options fields and how to use them.

send admin email to: An admin email will be sent to each email address that you enter in this text area.The admin email is a summary of the form submission. It contains the labels and data from the fields that have been set to be included in it on their options panels, as well as information about the submission itself, such as the submitter's IP address and the date and time of submission.

redirect: Here you can use the link wizard to specify a URL that will load in the user's browser after he or she submits a form. This is useful if, for example, you need to direct a user to a PayPal page after submitting the registration form for your event.

email reciept subject: Here you can write the subject line for the email receipt that gets sent to the submitter upon form submission (see the "is submitter's email address" and "email receipt" form field options).

api, api url, and api key: You can use third-party software to manage form submission records by way of an API. Contact us for more information.

Release Notes

Release Notes

3/6/2015 12:00:00 AM EST
9 years ago

AR5 Users,

The latest update to AR5 is now here, bringing with it a number of improvements to our suite of tools for front-end design. Themes have been expanded to include more types of page content, and you can now create and define custom module styles that you can apply, on the fly, to modules on the page. Let's take a closer look.

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