Managing Form Records

Form records can be accessed under the records tab of a form's details page

Sorting and Filtering

Form records are displayed in a sortable table with a filter panel (see the List View for more general information on filter panels and tables). 

The buttons in the filter panel correspond to the fields in your form. Clicking these buttons determines which columns show up in the results table below. Selected fields are highlighted with green text.

The panel is closed by default with no fields selected, meaning that the first time you go to a records tab, the results table will be empty. Be sure to open the panel up using its disclosure arrow and select some fields to populate the table.

Once you've populated your results table, you can click a column heading to sort your records. Click a column a second time to switch from ascending sort to descending.

You can also filter within a given field, producing a subset of records based on search criteria that you specify. Click the cog wheel on a field item in your filter panel to open up its actions panel, then click "Filter." An input field will appear in the filter panel. Some filters will provide you with a text field in which to enter a filtering value (e.g., "Smith" for a "Last name" field). Date filters will provide you with two fields so that you can specify a start date and/or an end date. Click "Filter" on a field's actions panel again to remove the field's filter. Multiple filters may be used in combination. The more filters you use, the narrower your result set becomes, because only results that match all of your criteria are displayed.

Editing Records

Once you've populated the table with field values from records, you can open an individual record by clicking on one of that record's field values in the table. The info page for a record includes a single card with a table of fields and values. On the right side of the card's title bar, "edit" and "delete" links are available. Administators can change values for any record at any time using the "edit" link, or delete the record and all its contents with the "delete" link. 

Batch Operations

With the form records table, you can perform operations on more than one record at a time. On the left of each record row in the records table is a checkbox. Check one or more of these boxes to select records for batch operations. You can check all the visible records in a table using the checkbox that appears to the left of the column headings. When one or more records are checked, two additional buttons will be available to the right of the add, import, and export buttons: modify and delete.

Use the delete button to delete the selected records. You will be prompted to confirm before deletion. Deletion cannot be undone. 

Clicking the modify button will open the "modify multiple records" card. In this card, you'll see editable versions of the form fields assigned to your form. Check the checkboxes next to the fields whose values you want to change in all the records that you selected from the records table. Enter new values in the selected fields and click save to modify the records. Batch operations are usually most useful when combined with the sorting and filtering options explained above.

Release Notes

Release Notes

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AR5 Users,

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